Final Days Before The Marathon

The marathon is this Saturday and we have been getting everything ready to go the past couple days. Susan works late tonight so we had to get things ready last night instead of staying up all night tonight. I was off work today to go to the circus with Tyler and then we hung out the rest of the day. It was warm here but VERY windy. I went for a short run and he rode his bike with me. It was so windy that he got blown off his bike a few times so we didn’t go very long. I was happy with the way my legs and feet felt. I am not as happy with the way my cold is going, I feel like I am getting sicker instead of better.

The forecast has changed for this Saturday at Myrtle Beach from what they were calling for earlier. Now they are saying a low of 46,  a high of 57 and a 70% chance of thunder showers. This ought to be fun!

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  1. Tamara says:

    Yeah!!! Good luck……I will definitely be thinking about you two on Saturday. I know that you both will do great because you’ve been training so hard so you are ready for this. I look forward to hearing all about the race when you get back.

    Oh and Paul I think I caught your cold so I’m sure I will infect everyone on the plane on Sunday :-/

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