Race Weekend Re-cap, part 1

Sat, Feb 14, The Marathon, start to 13.1 miles

Susan’s Point of View

The line for the port-o-lets was so long we just found a dark spot in the trees. Very romantic way to kick off our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Then we realized last year this weekend, I was lying on the slopes in Vail w Paul teaching me to ski. At one point I was crying and trying not to let Paul see while the ranger came over and suggested I take the lift down before I hurt myself. As IF I were a quitter… Fast forward to this year…The start of the race is always exciting and I did NOT want to start walking at the first interval beep (my plan was to run 4 min, walk 1 min). I felt great, but had that voice in my head saying, “STICK TO THE PLAN!” I looked ahead a bit and Paul was doing the walk/run thing too. I was proud of him because I thought for sure he would just run. That was about the end of the fun times. My ego and pride quickly pummeled any good feelings I had. People were passing me right and left. I was too hot w my long sleeved top on–too cold w it off. My legs were much more tired than I preferred at about mile 4. I started having a hard time breathing. I even used my inhaler (better when it has not expired, long story). I was crabby and just KNEW everyone around me was wondering what on Earth I was thinking running the full when they were beating me only doing the half. Pride is a very evil thing. I was pretty hateful between 6 and 12 miles. I considered quitting at the half cut off. I knew Paul would not let me hear the end of it if I dropped out. I almost started crying between miles 12 and 13.  I heard Lauren’s voice in my head from Ironman training, “You can’t cry and run at the same time and we have to run so STOP CRYING!” Around the area where the half marathoners cut off I started remembering when I was at that point of the Ironman and Elli started running w me with her cheerleader run carrying my running shoes (I thought I might want to change them, but did not). She was shouting about how excited she was and how good I was doing and how this was so fantastic and I was going to be an Ironman. Then the official yelled at her to get off the course. He acted like she was giving me booster rockets the way he was freaking out. It cracked me up. I could do it this time too!

Paul’s Point of View

During the first 2 miles of the run my legs were feeling really good and it was also hard for me to do the run/walk. I knew from training that my feet and knees would not take it for the whole race if I tried to run the whole thing so I decided to stick to the plan. Through those first 2 miles my pace was OK, not fast and not slow but I wanted to take my time warming up because I knew it was going to be a long day. Once I got into mile 3 I started feeling even better and started picking up the pace. From miles 3 through 6 I was feeling great and about 15 minutes ahead of the best time I thought I could do. Then around mile 6 my legs started chaffing a little and the bottom of my right foot was bothering me. I thought my sock had a wrinkle in it, and that was what was bothering my foot, so I pulled it up a little to see if that would help but it didn’t. “No big deal” I thought, I was still feeling great, I was way ahead of my pace and I knew my mom would be at mile 10. We had given her some extra Body Glide so I could put some more on and everything would be fine. When I got to my mom I put the Body Glide on my leg and that felt good then I reached down into my sock to put some on my foot and felt the biggest blister I had ever had. When I started going again my chaffing was feeling better but it didn’t help my blister at all. I knew the rest of the day was going to be extremely painful because the blister was on the bottom of my foot so I landed on it with every step. By now my left foot was also getting a blister on the bottom but it wasn’t as bad. I decided not to panic because all it would do is waste energy; my pace was still really good and my legs felt great. At 13.1 I was still on a great pace with my legs feeling great but in a LOT of pain from the blisters and chaffing, by that point the Body Glide wasn’t helping my legs any more. At this point I was thinking that I was either going to make it in my fastest projected time or at least be close, even with the pain.

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  1. Elli says:

    I was running in spirit this time too!

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