We miss Sam

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Yesterday Paul and I took the dogs hiking on the trails around our house. Sam collapsed on the way back. We took him to the lake right away to cool him off. He didn’t rally. Paul and I traded turns carrying him out (he weighed about 105-110 lbs) for about 2 miles while the Sam-less person lead the other 3 dogs and the day pack w water, etc.

We got him home and cooled him off, but he died between 1:30 and 4am this morning. We buried him here at the house this morning after I got back from a quick trip to work and Robin came over. Our friend Lauren had told me awhile ago about doing a clay paw print for a friends’ dog who died so we did that. Tyler helped me do the imprint. We chose pictures of all of us to bury with him and pulled out pictures of Sam that we could keep out (I plan to scrapbook them tonight). It has been a very sad day with lots of questions from the kids. They keep asking why he died, what is he doing in heaven right now, do the other dogs know he is gone… Tyler is angry that Jesus is the only one who ever got to come back. He says it isn’t fair.  This afternoon Anna took some dog bones out to Sam.

We miss him.

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  1. Bridgette says:

    I’m so sorry for all of you!

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