Paul is neurotic too!

I got a frantic email from Paul one day. About 10 of them actually. He realized before he left the house that that the “stripes” on our flat sheet and fitted sheet did not go the same direction. This left him with the same panic that a normal person feels when realizing the bed is on fire or infested with scorpions. OCD much?

Kind of hard to see (which makes it more funny, really), but the fitted goes east/west, flat sheet goes north/south

He didn’t have time to fix it before leaving for work (hilarity for another post- it takes Paul 2 1/2 hours to get ready in the morning). So he was asking me to rotate the fitted sheet. Now a good wife would have empathized and made the fix. However, Paul is not married to a good wife. He is married to a vengeful wife. What comes around goes around. Know what I’m sayin’?

I am not a HORRIBLE wife though. A horrible wife would have put the dirty fitted sheet back on the bed after rotating. A horrible wife also would lie to her husband. Not me.

I told Paul that under uncertain terms would I be rotating that sheet for him. I told him several times that day. I sent him the photo above of the disaster lurking when he got home. I laughed about his discomfort. A lot.

I had changed to a set of plain white sheets. Hee hee. Score 1 for me!

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  1. Mom says:

    How could you even think about sleeping on sheets that are going different directions. It would cause nightmares if you could get to sleep. I wonder where he gets it.

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