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What I learned about Paul yesterday

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Paul does NOT exaggerate. Seriously. He kept saying that the entire yard was clay and roots w a couple rocks in it. Whatever, I thought. Let’s not get carried away. I mean I have done some yard work in my day–how hard can this be?? Welp, we finally have a renter for the house in Elon (I got the deposit and the signed lease yesterday!) so I dug up a few plants I wanted to bring here. I got home from work and went to put them in.

Riiiighhhhttttt… Paul was not just whistlin’ Dixie (I am working on learning Southern). Roots, clay, and rocks OH MY!

Great week ahead!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Today is Wednesday [Paul’s View: Susan says it is Wednesday for us because it is our middle of the week, I say it is Thursday for us because tomorrow will be like our Friday (last day of work for the week)] for Paul and me. We both took Thursday and Friday off to watch the NCAA tourney and paint. The plan is to paint the living room, kitchen and hallway. I love this time of year–watching hours and hours of basketball is a dream come true! Plus I love Paul and I love to paint so how much better does it get?! We will post some pics when we are done. Also, my dad will be here tonight. He is on his way back from FL. I think this makes him an official snowbird. 3 month vacation, then migrating north.

Picture for our bedroom

Picture for our bedroom

Goal update…hmmmmm…Kind of average on everything. Things at work are getting worse, which basically only means we are catching up with the poor economy in the rest of the state. On the homefront, we need to replace our HVAC. The irony is that the HVAC in the Elon house (i.e. with no one living in it b/c we can’t sell it) has a brand new one. Well, only 1 1/2 years old. Irony sucks. We have 1 estimate and plan to get the others when we are home this week. I guess we are on a home improvement roll–we took down a light fixture that Paul and I both hit our heads on repeatedly b/c it hangs low. It is ugly too. We also ordered a poster print (already have the glass and frame) to hang in our bedroom (that was painted last year). It is a scene from our trip to Bryce.

In other news, Elli and Michael are expecting a GIRL! I keep lobbying to name her Olivia (they shot down Susan very quickly), but we will see. She is feeling pretty good, taking prenatal yoga and even took a trip to Seattle for a week for work. She has only gained 7.5 pounds and is half way to the finish line–WOW! She is very tough–she was a Diet Coke addict (rivaling you, Stephanie!) and went COLD TURKEY when she found out she was pregnant. Each day I decide to give up Pepsi, but I usually give in about the time I turn on my computer at work. I guess I did not get that gene.

The other new experience is consignment–I am stopping at a place in Burlington (where I work) today to drop off some items to consign. We will see how it goes.

Here we go again…

Friday, November 7th, 2008

I met w a realtor today to put my house back on MLS listing. I listed it w 2 realtors in 2007, then FSBO in 2008 until now. No serious offers in about 20 months. I clearly am not a real estate agent so I give up. I feel like a sell out for a few reasons:

1–I will have to take a loss b/c of the crap housing market.

2–My HUSBAND has to sign the paperwork in order for me to list it. Stupid sexist NC laws. No, his name is not on the title, loan or even utility bills. Whatever.

3–I cannot even remember what #3 is b/c 1 and 2 suck so much.

So this weekend will be pretty intense: Tonight I have a scrapbooking open house at Shirley’s. Saturday Biz and I are going to the holiday market, then Paul, the kids and I will go to the house to fix up some things including but not limited to: emptying the attic, touching up some paint, taking down the pool, mow and trim bushes…all while trying to keep Anna and Tyler from killing each other. Oh, and we have a 5 mile run on Sat to do.

Needless to say there may not be a post until we are back at work to rest on Monday. :)